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Welcome to Absolute Green Landscaping

Our Mission

• Set ourselves apart from other companies through consistency and reliability.
• Provide a balance of weed control and fertilizer resulting in a lush green & weed free lawn.
• Maintain a friendly and personable relationship with our customers.
• Promote further business growth by focusing on customer opinions and referrals.
• Maintain honest and just in all our business practices.
• Listen to our customers.

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About Us

I started Absolute Green Landscaping in 2009, before I married my sweet wife but that didn't stop her from helping me with the business. Any of my longtime customers remember the two of us always working hard together. Originally, we offered a full service landscape service which meant that we would do anything from cutting to weed control to tree trimming. It did not take me long to realize my talent and love for the fertilization and weed control services. I quickly began to specialize in this service. The more I learned about weeds and grass the more I loved them. I took classes on them. I was tested and licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and UGA and passes with flying colors. I even planted several different test plots of grass in my back yard so that I could learn the pros and cons of each grass first hand. My wife still makes fun of me as I go outside to "talk" to my plots of grass. I know God gives everybody different talents and I am grateful that this business has allowed me to share my talent with others.



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